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Accounting jobs in media

There has been a clear divide in the level of recruitment within the media sector; online and new media has flourished and headcount within these areas has definitely grown while there has been a notable but not dramatic downturn within TV and production companies. Traditional media’s predicament has been driven partly by writers’ strikes, resulting in a boom for companies who specialise in licensed products.
The majority of recruitment within the media sector has primarily been at the part and newly-qualified level, with a focus on roles requiring strong reporting and technical accounting skills. The senior market has been slower and candidates have typically taken like-for-like industry moves.
From a candidate’s point of view, Media continues to be one of the most attractive sectors. However, the market is highly competitive and Media companies can no longer rely on their brand to attract the much sought after top tier candidates. Candidates across all industries have become more focussed on remuneration packages and this has resulted in Media companies bringing their salaries more in line with the industry norm.
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