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Newly qualified accounting jobs

For over 30 years the Newly Qualified market has been a key part of the Michael Page Finance business. Our reputation among small and multinational blue chip businesses is first class, and we have a strong track record for sourcing the highest calibre, Newly Qualified candidates. Ultimately these professionals will be our future clients and, as experience dictates, our support during their inauguration into industry will be the foundations for a career-long relationship.

An overview of life as a NQ

Newly Qualified roles can vary a great deal according to the nature, size and structure of the business. Dependent on this, you may be involved in core Financial Accounting roles, collaborating with P&Ls to produce monthly reports or working on consolidated accounts at a group level. At the other end of the spectrum, you may be more commercially involved with the business, working with sales and marketing teams on their brand analysis or contributing to investment appraisals with a corporate finance team. Your experience and training up until now should be your compass as to where you skills will add the most value.

Why register with us?

Register with us and you’ll quickly see the emphasis we place on understanding not only your technical skills but the motivation behind your move. By getting to know you in this way we can help you navigate the best possible course as your career progresses.
The market is particularly competitive at the moment, particularly for recently qualified accountants but there are still a lot companies out there recruiting at the newly qualified level. Make the right impression and there is every chance that you can inch your way past the competition to secure a decent role.

Make the right impression 

Preparation is key from the moment that you start your search. Your CV is your opportunity to impress on paper and secure yourself a place in the preliminary round of interviews. Tailor each CV to the job you’re applying for, outlining your relevant achievements in practice and training and emphasising how you could add value to your prospective employer’s business.
With Michael Page’s expert help, we’re 99% sure you’ll soon be brushing up on your background knowledge of a company that’s about to interview you. This is crucial if you wish to come across as passionate about the role. Make sure you highlight your relevant experience and training, reinforcing what you put in your CV. Finally, ask some questions of your own at the end of the interview; these should be prepared in advance and should leave the interviewer with the impression that you genuinely care about the business and the role.
Start your job search for Newly Qualified jobs here or if you’d prefer to discuss your requirements in more detail, email Nicola Waizeneker or call her on: 0207 269 2264