Transferring knowledge from those who have worked in a company for many years to fresh talent who determine the company's future is an essential part of company success. The best way to do this is through a mentoring program. This is not only beneficial to the newcomer, but it also benefits the company as a whole. Below we discuss the benefits for the newcomer, for the mentor, and for the company.

What the newcomer gets from the mentor

Having a mentor helps a new co-worker find his or her way in the company. The mentor teaches the new starter about techniques used in the company, and shows how to work with methods in a way that allows for immediate application. The mentor provides the newcomer with constant feedback and introduces them to his or her own contacts. This is particularly helpful for the new starter as it significantly expands their network and increases their ability to perform well over the long term.

What the mentor gets from working with a newcomer

Though the mentor is tasked with passing on knowledge to the newcomer, the pupil can also teach the teacher. Since the new employee is more than likely fresh out of university, he or she can help the more experienced employee learn new tricks of the trade. If the newcomer previously worked in a different department, then the mentor gains insight into the inner workings of that department. What's more, mentoring allows the teacher to directly influence his team's efficiency by dictating just how things are done.

How the company profits

When the training comes from those who have already worked in the organisation for years, the company can save the money and time required for external training sessions. Mentoring facilitates the transfer of knowledge within or between departments, ensuring that knowledge is not lost when new talent ultimately takes over. The process also makes it easier for companies to induct new employees, easing their transition into the organisation or into a new department. No matter how you look at it, mentoring is beneficial to everyone involved and does much to contribute to a company's ongoing success.
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