Digital transformation is on the minds of many business leaders these days – meaning there are very real changes happening that need specific talent to succeed.

A survey of CMOs by Gartner found that by 2018, marketing spending will focus on websites, digital commerce and digital advertising, highlighting growth priorities, regardless of industry or business.

Digital Talent is Changing Recruitment

Digital candidates have different priorities from more traditional candidates. They are laser-focused on the short-term. Digital candidates focus on the attractiveness of the projects they will handle as much as the overall role itself. Timelines are shorter and results are measured sooner in the digital world.

Instead of asking them the standard: ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’, ask: ‘Where would you like to be in a year?’.

Networking for access  

Digital candidates are well-connected to colleagues in their industry and as a result they know exactly what their current market value is. This means they are generally comfortable with asking for exactly what they believe they're worth.

They also place importance on feeling valued by their potential future company. This is where culture, interview, employer branding and non-monetary benefits make or break a deal.  

4 Tips to Attract Digital Candidates

With the above in mind, what are the best ways to attract digital candidates? Here are a few tips to ensure your hiring process goes smoothly:

1. Start with well-defined recruitment targets

This means having a clear job description that has been agreed upon by all reporting lines – and engaging with an external recruitment expert to avoid issues at the end of the process.

2. Ensure your salary budget is set

Be realistic about market rates when setting your salary budget, and recognise you may need to offer more to attract the right talent. Think about the scarcity of local talent and how impactful the new hire will be for the organisation, instead of focusing solely on cost.

3. Keep the recruitment process short

Keep the hiring timeline short! This creates a better candidate experience, and shows your company’s agility, highlighting how easy decision making is. As digital candidates are in-demand this will ensure you won’t lose them to another company that can make a faster offer.  

4. Think long-term growth

Digital professionals look for immediate impact. Have a career progression plan for employees ready to entice digital professionals to stay longer than the first project. They want to grow quickly – let that be with you!

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